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岁月如水 人生是河 宽容能拯救一切




我有点懒,可是我很幸福。因为我有时时刻刻关心我的父母,时时刻刻照顾我的老婆,还有离不开我的一个漂亮的小姑娘。 对于生活,我很满足。


人教版高中英语课文翻译 选修七 Unit1  

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1.选修七Unit1 MARTY’S STORY马蒂的故事
   Hi, my name is Marty Fielding and I guess you could say that I am "one in a million".
你好。我叫马蒂·菲尔丁。我想你可能会说我是百万人中才有一个的那种人。In other words, there are not many people like me. 换句话说,世界上像我这样的人并不多见。 You see, I have a muscle disease which makes me very weak, so I can't run or climb stairs as quickly as other people. 你瞧,我的肌肉有毛病,使我的身体非常虚弱,所以我不能像别人那样快跑快步爬楼梯。 In addition, sometimes I am very clumsy and drop things or bump into furniture. 再说,有时候我还会笨手笨脚、不小心摔掉东西,或磕碰到家具上。Unfortunately, the doctors don't know how to make me better, but I am very outgoing and have learned to adapt to my disability. 不幸的是,大夫们不知道如何治好我的病,但是我很开朗乐观,学会了适应身体的残疾。My motto is: live one day at a time. 我的座右铭是:活好每一天。
    Until I was ten years old I was the same as everyone else.
十岁以前,我跟其他人是一样的。I used to climb trees, swim and play football. 我常常爬树、游泳、踢足球。In fact, I used to dream about playing professional football and possibly representing my country in the World Cup. 说实在的,我过去常常梦想我会成为职业球员,代表我们的国家参加世界杯足球赛。Then I started to get weaker and weaker, until I could only enjoy football from a bench at the stadium. 后来,我的身体开始变得越来越虚弱,以至于只能坐在体育场的长凳上欣赏足球了。 In the end I went into hospital for medical tests. I stayed there for nearly three months. 最后我到医院去做了检查,几乎住了三个月的医院。I think I had at least a billion tests, including one in which they cut out a piece of muscle from my leg and looked at it under a microscope. 我想我至少做过十亿次检查,这还包括一次他们从我的大腿上切下一片肌肉放在显微镜下观察, Even after all that, no one could give my disease a name and it is difficult to know what the future holds. 也没人能够确诊这个病, 因此很难知道将来会是个什么样子。
   One problem is that I don't look any different from other people.
问题是我看上去跟平常人一样。So sometimes some children in my primary school would laugh, when I got out of breath after running a short way or had to stop and rest halfway up the stairs. 因此,当我跑了很短的一段路之后,我就会喘不过气来,或者爬楼才爬到一半就得停下来休息。因此,上小学时有的孩子见了我这种情况就会笑话我。Sometimes, too, I was too weak to go to school so my education suffered. 有时候我的身体太虚弱上不了学,因此落了许多功课。 Every time I returned after an absence, I felt stupid because I was behind the others.每次缺课之后,我就觉得自己很笨,因为我比别人落后了。
   My life is a lot easier at high school because my fellow students have accepted me.
我在中学时期的生活(比在小学时)要轻松多了,因为我的同学开始接受了我的状况。The few who cannot see the real person inside my body do not make me annoyed, and I just ignore them. 还有些同学看不到我的内心世界,但是我并不生气,只是不去理会他们罢了。 All in all I have a good life. 总而言之,我生活得挺好。 I am happy to have found many things I can do, like writing and computer programming. 我很高兴我能做许多事情,比如写作和电脑编程。 My ambition is to work for a firm that develops computer software when I grow up. 我有雄心壮志,长大后我要在开发电脑软件的公司里工作。Last year I invented a computer football game and a big company has decided to buy it from me. 去年我发明了一个电脑足球游戏,有一家大公司已经决定从我这儿买走。I have a very busy life with no time to sit around feeling sorry for myself. 我的生活很充实,没有时间闲坐着顾影自怜。As well as going to the movies and football matches with my friends, I spend a lot of time with my pets. 除了同我的朋友一起去看电影和足球比赛,我还花很多时间和我的宠物在一起。I have two rabbits, a parrot, a tank full of fish and a tortoise. 我有两只兔子、一只鹦鹉、一缸金鱼和一只乌龟。To look after my pets properly takes a lot of time but I find it worthwhile. 我得花大量时间来照顾这些宠物,但我觉得很值。 I also have to do a lot of work, especially if I have been away for a while.此外,我还有好多功课,特别是在病了一段时间之后。
   In many ways my disability has helped me grow stronger psychologically and become more independent.
在许多方面,我身体的残疾倒使我心理上变得更加坚强、更加独立。I have to work hard to live a normal life but it has been worth it. 我必须努力工作才能过上正常的生活,但这是值得的。If I had a chance to say one thing to healthy children, it would be this: having a disability does not mean your life is not satisfying. 假如我有机会跟健康孩子讲一句话,那么,这句话就是:身体残疾并不意味着生活不美满。So don't feel sorry for the disabled or make fun of them, and don't ignore them either. 因此,不要感到残疾人可怜,或者取笑他们,也别不理睬他们。Just accept them for who they are, and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do. 要接受他们,给他们以鼓励让他们能像你一样过得丰富多彩、充实美满。
   Thank you for reading my story.

2.选修七Unit 1 A LETTER TO AN ARCHITECT致建筑师的一封信
Ms L Sanders
桑德斯女士    Alice Major爱丽斯·梅杰
Chief architect
总建筑师  64 Cambridge Street剑桥街 64
Cinema Designs
影院设计公司  Bankstown班克斯敦
44 Hill Street
希尔街 44
24 September, 200__200___
9 24
Dear Ms Sanders,
   I read in the newspaper today that you are to be the architect for the new Bankstown cinema.
今天我从报上了解到,您将成为班克斯敦新影院的建筑设计师。 I hope you will not mind me writing to ask if you have thought about the needs of disabled customers. In particular I wonder if you have considered the following things: 我希望您不介意我写信询问您是否已考虑到残疾顾客的需要尤其是以下几点不知您是否考虑到了:
   1  Adequate access for wheelchairs.
为乘坐轮椅的人进入电影院提供充分的便利。It would be handy to have lifts to all parts of the cinema. 影院内德各个部分都安装电梯就会很方便。 The buttons in the lifts should be easy for a person in a wheelchair to reach, and the doors be wide enough to enter. 电梯的按钮应当让乘坐轮椅的人容易够到,电梯门应足够宽。 In some cinemas, the lifts are at the back of the cinema in cold, unattractive places. 在有些电影院里,(残疾人专用)电梯设在影院背后阴冷而不显眼的地方。As disabled people have to use the lifts, this makes them feel they are not as important as other customers. 由于残疾人必须要使用这些电梯,这就使残疾人感到比别的观众低一等。
   2  Earphones for people who have trouble hearing.
给听力有障碍的人提供耳机。 It would help to fit sets of earphones to all seats, not just to some of them. 所有座位的旁边都装有耳机,而不是少数几个座位,那会有帮助。 This would allow hearing-impaired customers to enjoy the company of their hearing friends rather than having to sit in a special area. 这样可以使那些听力有缺陷的观众和那些听力正常的朋友做在一起欣赏,而不是让前者坐在一个特定的区域。
   3  Raised seating.
抬高座位。 People who are short cannot always see the screen. 身材矮小的人常常看不到屏幕。 So I'd like to suggest that the seats at the back be placed higher than those at the front so that everyone can see the screen easily. 所以我想建议影院后排的座位应该比前排的高,这样每个人都能很容易地看到银幕。 Perhaps there could be a space at the end of each row for people in wheelchairs to sit next to their friends. 也许可以让每一横排的排头都留出空位,以便坐轮椅的人坐在他们的朋友旁边。
   4 Toilets.
厕所。For disabled customers it would be more convenient to place the toilets near the entrance to the cinema. 在影院入口处的附近安排厕所会让残疾人感觉更加方便。 It can be difficult if the only disabled toilet is in the basement a long way from where the film is showing. 只在里放映大厅很远的地下室为残疾人安排一个厕所,这种做法会给他们带来麻烦。And if the doors could be opened outwards, disabled customers would be very happy. 如果厕所的门能设计成向外开,残疾人会很高兴。
   5  Car parking.
停车场。 Of course, there are usually spaces specially reserved for disabled and elderly drivers.当然还得专门为残疾司机和老年司机安排停车场。If they are close to the cinema entrance and/or exit, it is easier for disabled people to get to film in comfort. 当如果这些停车场离影院出入口都很近,残疾人就会很轻松地到达影院。
   Thank you for reading my letter. I hope my suggestions will meet with your approval.
感谢您阅读我的信,希望您能赞成我的建议。 Disabled people should have the same opportunities as able-bodied people to enjoy the cinema and to do so with dignity. 残疾人应当和健全人有同样的机会来欣赏电影,同时能保持自己的尊严。 I am sure many people will praise your cinema if you design it with good access for disabled people. 如果您设计的电影院能够为残疾人提供方便,那么,我相信许多人都会夸奖您的电影院, It will also make the cinema owners happy if more people go as they will make higher profits! 而且电影院的老板也会高兴,因为有更多的人能够去看电影了,他们就能赚更多的钱了。
Yours sincerely,
Alice Major

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